Make Our School Safe Club

Make Our Schools Safe Club


The Make Our Schools Safe Club is an in-school, on-campus club comprised of motivated and school safety-minded students.  All club members have the same create a culture of school safety. These club members are the voice of the MOSS movement.  Empowerment of today’s youth is the best chance we have to make necessary changes in the world. As Make Our Schools Safe founder Lori Alhadeff so passionately says “your voice is your power!”


Each club has its own elected officers to help organize and execute meetings and activities.  Clubs meet on school grounds approximately once every 2 weeks. The Club provides an inclusive, welcoming forum for all students to participate and have a voice, in order to maintain a culture of school safety and vigilance in a secure school environment.  

Team building activities in both school and community play a pivotal role in the development of a club as well.  Each chapter is expected to meet with school officials regularly, in order to maintain transparency within the club and the community with regard to school safety measures throughout the school year. 

A strong emphasis is also placed on community service projects to help those in need. Paying it forward is essential within the Make Our Schools Safe Club culture.


For more information and to get started please contact Lori Kitaygorodsky, MOSS Communications Director, at the following email address:


Looking forward to hearing from you! 



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